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Build Your Smoothie Bar, Official Guide!

Join Cornelius as he whips up great smoothies!
 Tip: Each Smoothie Bar is more rewarding than the last!

The guests had a yummy time at the Smoothie Bar and left some great gifts for you!

 Whoops, we need to pack up that Smoothie Bar! Use the Inventory Tool to store it, or the Sell Tool to sell it!

Building the Smoothie Bar:

Main Page:

Smoothie Party 1

Rewards: 5,000 Coins, Fertilizer, and Power

*The Consumables will not add to the meter if it is full.
It will go to the inventory only if the consumable's counter there is not full.
This goes for the rest of the Smoothie Parties.

Smoothie Party 2

Rewards: 8,500 Coins, Super Feed, and Power

Smoothie Party 3

Rewards: 20,000 Coins, Speed Grow, and Power

Smoothie Party 4

Rewards: 30,000 Coins, Baby Bottles, and Power

Smoothie Party 5

Reward: Baby Bluefaced Leicester Sheep


Angelo Zambrano

Angelo Zambrano

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