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The Dessert Oven, Official Guide!

I Scream for Double Cream! Feed adult mini cows to get Double Cream!
Whip up delicious desserts with Double Cream!

 The more adult mini cows on your farm, the better your chances of collecting all the Desserts!
 Get Cream on the Double!

 It's time to switch off the oven. Walter has all the cold desserts he needs.
 The more adult mini cows you have, the faster you will find Double Cream.

Release Date: 17/03/2015

Building the Dessert Oven:

Other Requirement:

Main Page:

Crafting Double Cream:

Harvest Mini Cows for Clotted Cream (4) + Ask your friends for this Wooden Whisk (3)
Double Cream

Crafted and baked Desserts:


Other ways of obtaining Double Cream:
• Feeding Adult Mini Cows

• Feed Posts

Angelo Zambrano

Angelo Zambrano

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