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"Chill Out with Gus!" LE Items! (Coming Soon)

Farmville 2 is about to released a new collection limited edition items and it will be a Heating up with Summer theme.

Start Date: 07/07/2014  End Date: 28/07/2014


Garlic Chives


Child Blue Pekin Chicken
Adult BluePekin Chicken
Prized BluePekin Chicken

Child Braunes Bergschaf Sheep
Adult Braunes Bergschaf Sheep
Prized Braunes Bergschaf Sheep

Child Gotland Sheep

Adult Gotland Sheep
Prized Gotland Sheep

Child Gray Peacock Goat
Adult Gray Peacock Goat
Prized Gray Peacock Goat


Coastal Tea Tree

Heirloom Coastal Tea Tree

Heartnut Tree

Heirloom Heartnut Tree

White-Leaf Manzanita Tree

Heirloom White-Leaf Manzanita Tree
Angelo Zambrano

Angelo Zambrano

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