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New Limited Edition Celtic Items!

Greetings, Farmers! New Celtic items are now available in the General Store for a limited time, along with new Crops, Trees and Recipes! Check out the information below for more details about our latest release and be sure to let us know what your favorite new Animal is! We're pretty partial to the adorable Galway Sheep.

New Limited Edition items:

Gaelic Round House, 35 Farm Bucks
Pre-Celtic Megalith – 8 Farm Bucks
Eternal Braid Farm Fence – 4 Farm Bucks
Eternal Braid Garden Paver – 3 Farm Bucks
Eternal Braid Farm Gate – 3,500 Coins

New Limited Edition Trees:
Hawthorn Tree – 12 Farm Bucks
Irish Juniper Tree – 12 Farm Bucks

New Limited Edition Animals:
Black Welsh Mountain Sheep – 38 (Baby 25) Farm Bucks (reissue!)
Black Dexter Cow – 34 (Baby 30) Farm Bucks 
Galway Sheep –  34 (Baby 21) Farm Bucks

New Limited Edition Crops:
Savoy Cabbage – 50 Coins, matures in 4 hours

New Crafting Kitchen Recipes:
Pickled Savoy Cabbage - Level 7    
Hawthorn Jelly - Level 7
Hawthorn Candy - Level 7
Angelo Zambrano

Angelo Zambrano

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