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New Limited Edition Monster Mayhem Items!

Monster Mayhem

Hey Farmers! Halloween is nearly upon us and we want you to celebrate in style! Our new "Monster Mayhem" theme features new decorations, crops and animals that are sure to make your farm feel just little bit more spooky this Halloween.

New Limited Edition Monster Mayhem Items:
  • Decaying Log – 10 Farm Bucks
  • Mr. Macabre - 16 Farm Bucks
  • Skeletal Farmhand - 8 Farm Bucks
  • Arc de Arachne – 750 coins
  • Jack-O-Stack – 14 Farm Bucks
  • LycanthroGnome – 12 Farm Bucks
  • Reanimated scarecrow – 15 Farm Bucks

New Limited Edition Monstery Mayhem Animals:
  • Leporidae Maleficium - 19 Farm Bucks (produces Wool)
  • Mummy Goat - 24 Farm Bucks (produces Cheese and Milk)

New Limited Edition Crops:


Costs 40 Coins, grants 2 XP, matures in 60 minutes and sells for 60 Coins. The Wolfsbane Crop cannot be used in a recipe or turned into Feed (it's poisonous), but it will be useful in the near future!
Angelo Zambrano

Angelo Zambrano

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