FarmVille2: Build Your Library Workshop!


Customize and win the Books On Wheels! You need adult Elks to unlock tasks at the Library Workshop. Earn Design Points and customize all 3 parts to win the Books On Wheels!

Release Date: 21/09/2021

Library Workshop

Box of Books

Roof Canvas

Whitewall Tire

Design Point

Old Manual

Materials for the next quests:

Old Tome

Antique Book

Tech Magazine

Fold Out Book

Hero Comic


Baby Bay Azteca Horse

Adult Bay Azteca Horse

Prized Bay Azteca Horse

Baby White Novaya Zemlya Reindeer

Adult White Novaya Zemlya Reindeer

Prized White Novaya Zemlya Reindeer

Baby Duclair Duck

Adult Duclair Duck

Prized Duclair Duck

Baby Van Rooy Sheep

Adult Van Rooy Sheep

Prized Van Rooy Sheep

Baby Whitefaced Whitetail Deer

Adult Whitefaced Whitetail Deer

Prized Whitefaced Whitetail Deer


Books On Wheels

Books On Wheels

Books On Wheels

Books On Wheels

Books On Wheels

Books On Wheels

Books On Wheels

Books On Wheels


Colombian Coffee

Spruce Log



Colombian Coffee Cake

Colombian Coffee Cookies

Portable Shelf

Window Shade

Air Freshener

Cleaning Cloth

Outdoor Seat

Heirloom Outdoor Seat

Library Cozy

Wooden Windchimes

Heirloom Wooden Windchimes

Designer Bookmark

Book Duster

Artisanal Tea Cup Set

Ancient Coat Rack

Heirloom Ancient Coat Rack

Ancestral Painting

Aisle Placard

Classic Phonograph

Antiquated Table Lamp

Artisanal Centerpiece


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