FarmVille2: Build Your Staycation Lodge!

Hi,  The animals have enjoyed the Autumn festivities at your farm so much that they don’t want to leave! Help Rusty look after them and give them a lovely extended vacation!

Get Permits and fill rooms at your Staycation Lodge faster! Give the animals an extended holiday at the Staycation Lodge! Earn enough Star Reviews and win this cute baby buffalo!

Release Date: 30/10/2018

Windmill Blade
Staycation Signboard
Staycation Wreath

Staycation Lodge

Star Review

Use these to open Premium Rooms at the Staycation Lodge and get more Star Reviews from guests!

Premium Permit

Use these to open Standard Rooms at the Staycation Lodge and get Star Reviews from guests!

Standard Permit

Get enough Reception Bells to activate powerful Helper Cards!

Reception Bell


The name Nili is supposed to have been derived from the blue water of river Sutlej.

Baby Niliravi Buffalo
Adult Niliravi Buffalo
Prized Niliravi Buffalo


The Wheels Are In Motion!

Pinwheel Fence

Materials for the Next Quests:

Business Organizer
Box of Swiss Chocolates
Embossed Saddle


Large pack of Premium Permits

Large pack of Premium Permits

Pack of Standard and Premium Permits

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