Build Your Gratitude Grotto!

Host a gratitude gala for the county! Help the county express what they're grateful for and collect Gratitude Notes!

Win lovely garden decorations! Win a baby Chocolate Zebu Cow!

Release Date: 15/11/2016

Grotto Bunting
Teal Ribbon
Large Hay Bale

Host a gratitude gala and help the county express what they're grateful for!

Gratitude Grotto

Gratitude Note

Some New Materials:

Truck Freshener

Sugar Blackbird

Chinchilla Headband

Chewy Treat

Ask/Post to Friends:

Make a gratitude scrapboard.

Cork Board

Elastic bands for your fall socks.

Elastic Braid

Keep warm, winter is coming!

Plaid Scarf

A great embellishment for a fall photo frame.

Brass Maple Leaf

New Rewards & Deco:

A swing with birdhouses.

Garden Swing

Resource Pack

Birdhouse Fences

New Recipes:

Maple Photo Frame

Care Package
Heirloom Care Package

Gratitude Scrapboard

Pair of Fall Socks

New Materials for the Next Quest:

Coloring Book

Motorcycle Helmet

Money Clip

New Animal:

Baby Chocolate Zebu Cow
Adult Chocolate Zebu Cow
Prized Chocolate Zebu Cow

Oh...It's so cute!

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