Build Your Gift Corner!

Host 4 Secret Santa parties on your farm. You and your friends worked hard to build the Gift Corner! It's time to start the Secret Santa Parties! Your friends had a great time at your Secret Santa Party and left some great gifts for you!

Release Date: 06/12/2016

Packed to the brim with gifts of all kinds!

Jolly Gift Sack

Keeping the heat in and the cold out!

Fireplace Cement

Get every last speck of soot out of your way!

Soot Broom

Host 4 Secret Santa Parties and win rewards!

Gift Corner

Gift Corner Ticket

Materials for the Next Quest:

Cheer for Team Gus!

Team Gus Flag

You shall not pass!

Bunch of Boundary Sticks

Collect as the snow you know you need.

Snow Pail


Snowball Scarf

Reindeer Snow Globe

Festive Wrapping Paper

Festive Tinsel

Jolly Ol’ Sole

Chit Bowl

Jolly Red Coat

Jolly Red Pants

Fake Beard

Pair of Jolly Red Gloves

Berry Bites

Ask/Post to Friends:

Fondant Mold

Glass Globe

Gold Tint Powder

Small Buckle

Bunch of Chits

Fuzzy Balls

Belt Fastener

White Pigment


Mistletoe Lampstand

Santa Sock Wall


Baby White Locken Chinchilla
Adult White Locken Chinchilla
Prized White Locken Chinchilla

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