FV Tropic Escape: "What is the Top Resort Tournament?"

We know everyone has been working hard to earn those three stars on their Weekly Resort Ratings. Now take it to the next step.

Introducing the Top Resort Tournament! For the final three days of each week, resort owners battle it out for amazing prizes. 

Show that your resort is the crème de la crème, the best resort destination of them all.

Earn Weekly Resort Rating points by crafting Goods to participate in the Tournament leaderboard.
Access the leaderboard by tapping on the Weekly Resort Rating board in front of your inn.


Then tap on the tab with the "trophy" icon to open the Tournament window.


At the top of the Top Resort Tournament window you’ll see a timer. It shows:

a) when the next competition starts; or  


b) how much longer the current Tournament will run. 


If you win First Place, you’ll receive a special Tournament animal that will stay in your resort for one week, and then leave.
These animals can help you greatly in the next Top Resort Tournament.

If you win a Tournament animal, open the Island Store and go to the Animals tab to find it.
Drag it onto your island to begin using it, but be warned, the animal will leave in one week whether you use it or not.

Once you’ve placed the Tournament animal, the Animals tab will show you how much time is left before it leaves.


This is the Top Resort Tournament window showing an active Tournament with the rankings of the players,  how many points you need to move up in the rankings, and the prizes.


At the bottom of the screen, there are three boosts you can use to increase your crafting points:

• GOOD is free for the first spin to receive a random boost. If you don’t like the boost you receive on the free spin, you can pay Gems to try for a more useful boost.

• BETTER costs Gems, but gives you a better boost that increased your crafting by three times. Again, if you don’t like what you receive, you can pay Gems to try for a different boost, but the Gem cost will keep going up with each spin.

• BEST costs more Gems, but gives you the best boosts that increase your crafting by four times. You can pay more Gems to spin again for a different boost.

In the example shown here, the free Good boost shows that every time you craft one Fish Taco, you’ll receive two Fish Tacos.
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