Build Your Knitting Machine!

Find all the Pashmina Yarn you can for the Knitting Machine! Share some with friends too! Supply Cornelius with the different accesories and earn a White Babydoll Sheep!
Feed mini goats Super Feed to make them produce more Pashmina Yarn!

 Hint: You can make Pashmina Yarn in the Workshop with Cashmere and Drop Spindle!

Release Date: 09/02/2016

 Spool Roll
 Knitting Shuttle
Beater Beam

A knitting machine to make gorgeous accessories.

Knitting Machine

Pashmina Yarn

Materials for the Next Quest: "Fabricated Comfort"

Scarf Pendant
 Stole Charm
Metal Beads

New Animal:

 Baby White Babydoll Sheep
Adult White Babydoll Sheep
 Prized Baby White Babydoll Sheep

New Recipes:

Yummy strawberry dessert!

 Strawberry Custard

 A metal frying pan.

 Skillet Pan

A hanging metal signboard.

Metal Signboard


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