FarmVille 2 Country Escape: "Receives Lighthouse, Ancient Mariner Update"

Social and mobile game company Zyngahas announced a major content update for FarmVille 2: Country Escape on mobile devices, introducing players to what has apparently been the most requested feature since the game’s introduction in April 2014: access to the Lighthouse and the mysterious Ancient Mariner.

Via this update, players level 23 and above can unlock early access to the Lighthouse feature with in-game currency. Upon unlocking it, players receive a series of quests and find a message in a bottle from the Ancient Mariner, who turns out to be their grandfather’s estranged brother, who left the farm after the two had a falling out long ago.
Players will need to five five letters in total to bring the Ancient Mariner back home to the farm, and can find these letters via a new treasure hunting feature at the lighthouse. There are a number of treasure hunting squares in the water surrounding the lighthouse, and players can spend nets to retrieve the treasure chest in each square. There are three different nets available (bronze, silver and gold), with better nets gathering better treasure, and gathering it faster.
FarmVille 2 Country Escape Treasure Hunting
All three varieties of nets are available to purchase at the Lighthouse using stamps or Keys, the game’s premium currency, while Bronze nets are also available for 250,000 coins each. Bronze nets take eight hours to retrieve treasure chests, while silver nets take an hour. Finally, gold nets take just five seconds to retrieve their chests. Players can only have three active nets in the water at once.

Each treasure chest may contain a new letter for the Ancient Mariner storyline (until players have collected all five), as well as items like bonus coin bundles, copper buttons and materials like sea salt and canvases, among others.
FarmVille 2: Country Escape Lighthouse Reward
Once gamers have collected the necessary letters, they’ll meet the Ancient Mariner himself, and will unlock a new timed order board at the Lighthouse. The order board asks players to complete special ‘Cove Keepsake’ crafting challenges by creating a variety of old and new items and selling them to the Mariner for experience points and coin rewards. If gamers can fulfill every order before time runs out, they’ll receive extra experience points and a new form of currency: Sand Dollars.
Sand Dollars can be spent in the Prize Tent on new Power Pins, which unlock timed boosts on players’ farms. The first Power Pin, for instance, is the Make it Rain pin. Once activated, the player’s water meter will remain full for three days, and when they water one thing, they automatically water everything on their farm. Other pins may guarantee players receive special prizes at the Pond or Mine, for instance, while the Ancient Mariner pin will unlock the character as a extra Farm Hand for the next three days.

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