Build Your Turtle Derby Starting Gate! (Coming 02/06/2015)

Feed your turtles to prepare for the race! Win a beautiful baby Blonde Bilberry Goat!
 Build the Starting Gate for a chance to win up to 1 million coins each race!
Race more turtles for a chance to win a bigger coin jackpot!

Turtle Flags
Sand Brown Paint
Turtle Posts

Get ready to race your turtles!

Turtle Derby Starting Gate

Materials for the Next Quest:

Turtle Leash

New Animal:

The shaggy coat and impressive horns are a signature of this extremely rare breed.

Baby Blonde Bilberry Goat
Adult Blonde Bilberry Goat
Prized Blonde Bilberry Goat

New Deco:

Show your support for the Turtle Derby with this flag!

Turtle Racing Flag

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