Build Your Splash Station, Official Guide!

Build a Splash Station for Percy's river adventure! Craft to earn River Kits and win awesome prizes!
Help Percy get ready to go tubing down the river! Collect enough River Kits to win a baby Water Buffalo!

Percy needs your help to make his adventure a splashing success!

Building the Splash Station:

Main Page:

Week 1 Items

Harvest some Rubber (4) + Ask your friends for this Air Pump (3)
Arm Floats (4 River Kits)

Harvest some Arugulas (8) + Harvest some Sunflowers (10)
Sun Hat (2 River Kits)

Harvest Prized Rabbits for Fine Wool (4) + Ask your friends for this Reflective Tape (2)
Life Vest (3 River Kits)

Week 1 Rewards

25 River Kits = 1 Lighthouse Lantern

45 River Kits = 5 Water
60 River Kits = 10 Water
105 River Kits = 15 Water

*The Water will add to your Meter even if it's at max.

You can also get River Kits from:

• Completing Making a Splash Quests

• Feed Posts

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