FarmVille2-CoasterVille Promotion: Everything you need to know!

The CoasterVille cross-promotional parade has come around to FarmVille 2, as players are being given a chance to earn packs of free prizes for playing and leveling up in CoasterVille on Facebook or

There are three prize bundles available for players that can make it all of the way to Level 10 in CoasterVille, with the first prize being available at Level 5. Here's the complete breakdown.

Reach Level 5 in CoasterVille > Earn 5 Baby Bottles in FarmVille 2
Reach Level 7 in CoasterVille > Earn 10 Speed-Grows in FarmVille 2
Reach Level 10 in CoasterVille > Earn 25 Speed-Grows in FarmVille 2

If you've already reached Level 5 or higher in CoasterVille, you'll likely need to hit the "Play CoasterVille" button above and then reload into FarmVille 2 to make your progress sync across both games. These bundles should then go into your inventory where they can be used to raise baby animals or make crops grow instantly. 

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