Trade Goods and Earn Coins!

In the coming days a new workshop should come at least that’s what we think because we do not imagine for one second to make one of these objects in a kitchen! So there should be a new workshop for manufacturing and selling all these new items. it will manufacture products increasingly complex should bring many more parts.

For the moment we only have few information … As soon as we have the first images, you’ll be the first fan to be kept informed, do not forget to join our Facebook page if it is not already.

a shopping bag It is a homecoming. After leaving the room for paper bags and plastic bag back on the front of the stage. 
sachet strawberry-flavored The farm is an environment rich in strong odors. To solve this small problem, a little aromatherapy can not hurt. 
olive oil trade of olive oil has ensured the survival of many trade routes throughout the ancient 
magic pen Failing to be truly magical, this pen is a genuine turkey feather. 
a dream catcher white Formerly used by Native American tribes, the dream catcher is now very popular in New Age circles. 
dose of tincture of blueberry dye 100% organic, environmentally friendly. 
lucky one glass Even if you are not superstitious, it does not hurt to put the odds on his side . a blue handkerchief Nothing like to beauty nose in a handkerchief beautiful hand stitched. piece of leather Genuine Leather , 100% recycled. All responsible consumers. purse leather A superb product made ​​from recycled stool. a leather purse Waterproof, durable, easy to maintain and sell: the leather is a very profitable product. dose laundry Also known as caustic soda, lye is obtained from plant ashes and enters the composition of savon.7 a small mirror Even in times of crisis, the artisan can always count on people to buy vanity mirrors. cover fur trade wool is essential for the economic survival of villages, even entire countries. roller blue wool Various studies show that blue wool and wool red selling three times better than the other colors of wool . You know what you have to do. bear wool A doll bear form. Who would have thought that animal as dangerous could one day become the most popular toys for children? wool a time Unlike animals, humans must make their own fleece for the rigors of the climate.
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