Prized Animals are Gold for you!

Big news on our farms, for those who wondered what use the medals on our animals for the answer! This info is exclusive VilleClub, consider joining our Facebook page or gifts not miss exclusive bonus. You noticed the little medal that your animals are all around the neck? Do not think they are useless …

Quite the contrary . winning Each animal provides novel ingredients. Actually these are luxury ingredients like a saddle high-end, bales of wool quality eggs brown fleece quality.

From these new luxury ingredient all gamers will produce revenue of luxury! It’s ingredients may be made only if they have gathered enough ingredients luxury. Luxury ingredients can only be obtained from animal winning is a good thing because all these animals up winning this no longer supplying ingredients and served to almost nothing!

For the moment only the cow, chicken, goat and sheep suggest recipes! Obviously, these recipes are much more lucrative for sale!

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