Get Snow and Double Your Crops!

And yes, you are not dreaming, the next few days it will be possible to cover his farm with a thin layer of snow. It’s Christmas and there is no reason that our firm does not dress the colour of this magical party! This snow will be as magical as a Walter believe that snow will double the production of certain seeds winter! Ditto for the animals! We do not yet have access to all the details but here the first tasks that will arrive soon.

Here are some things that we have to share
“The crops, trees and animals produce more resources in a firm snow.” For Two are better than one: double your harvest poinsettias or important details ch√Ętaignes.Autre “Good news. Recent rains on FarmVille 2 have fertilized the soil and your crops do not wither for 3 days. Enjoy it for planting. “
Missions may be longer than this simple quest, we will return soon with more details! Do not forget to join our Facebook page to not miss anything

The coming of winter on one 1 The snow is now

Looks like winter is fast approaching. Prepare yourself for a sudden drop in temperature.
  1. {Total} fed goats so that they are resistant to cold winter
  2. Get {total} lots of work gloves to fend off the winter cold
  3. Get {total} Emergency water heater if temperatures drop below zero

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