Get a New Winning Hens House to Increase Population

FarmVille 2: Get a new Hens House soon you will get it and you will be able to store prized or winning eggs and it will also increase your animal population. The winning hen is for you! Find out how to get it! And yes friends we have good news for you  We will soon be able to build a new barn specially reserved for winning our chickens we offer many benefits!

  • The winning hen we will store all our chickens winning once stored in the hen house hens no longer matter to our population animal!
  • By feeding all the chickens at the same time we can save 50% of food!
  • To build the henhouse winning it suffices to hiring friends is all 

Here is the exact phrase that can be read in our files:

“Stores chickens winning so they do not count towards your animal population. Saves 50% of the food needed by feeding them all simultaneously. ‘

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