Yard Sale Guide!

Hey Farmers!

Have you ever visited a Neighbor’s farm and seen a decoration you just needed to have? Well, we’ve made getting those items even easier for you!

If you visit a Neighbors farm and hover your cursor over their decorations, you will see a pop-up similar to the one below. 

This pop-up shows the price of the item you are interested in. The price will be either Coins or Farm Cash, depending on what the decoration is. If you wish to purchase one of the decorations from the General Store, simply click on the green button at the bottom of the message and you will see a confirmation screen. 

If you have changed your mind at this point and no longer wish to buy the item, click the “no” button and no Coins or Cash will be deducted from your account. 

If you still want the item, click “Yes” and the item will be automatically added to your Inventory. 

To place your new purchase, click on the “Return Home” button. Once you are back on your own farm, you will see that your Inventory has automatically opened, displaying your latest purchases. Simply click on the “Place” button to use your new items. 

Note: You are not actually purchasing decorations from your Neighbors. No one will lose any items as a result of this update. The Yard Sale feature will simply make it easier for you to purchase items from the General Store. 

Additional Information:

  • Currently, only decorations can be purchased from a Neighbors farm.
  • If you hover over a Limited Edition Item that is no longer available in the Market, you will be unable to purchase it (See image below).

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