Preview of Christmas

FarmVille 2 Christmas Gifts and Decoration leaked. We are the first one sharing these exclusive from Find the first objects of Christmas! And yes Christmas and the holidays are approaching! And we have for you the first images of Christmas objects which will be available in limited edition.

Here is the complete list of all objects:

  • Paillasse one scarecrow - Figure traditional winter of Germanic origin often accompanied pagan symbols such as elves, reindeer magic and sacrificial cakes
  • One goat willow - You can not imagine what could be done back in there before setting it on a fire.
  • Shaft of light - In the old days, the winter was synonymous with fear and famine. To keep morale, people made of light trees and struggled against the darkness and the cold during feasts and dances.
  • A chanukiah - The celebration of Hanukkah lasts eight nights. Every night, a new candle is lit. Previously, we used the pure olive oil as a candle.
  • Table Kwanzaa - The Kwanzaa lasts one week and allows African Americans to celebrate their heritage. Swahili, Kwanzaa means first fruits of the harvest.
  • Festivus pole - This post is hideous becoming the fetish object of anti-consumerist who need to unwind at the approaching holiday season.
  • Parol lantern - The word parol comes from the Spanish word meaning farol lantern.These lamps made of paper and bamboo are from the Philippines.
  • A Nutcracker Christmas - The Nutcracker once adopted an infinity of forms and styles, but a Russian composer despite reduced him to the kind shaped nutcracker soldiers. What a shame.
  • A Statue of the winter solstice - If you do not like the religious decorations holiday season, you will probably solstice this elegant statue sculpted by the famous IC Snowe.

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