GUIDE: Crafting + Resource Information

Helpers -------: Clemonade, mathadon, swaggers, vladdlen, Jimbo Patpat, Queen Alexandra, and many more!
Version -------: v1.50
Latest Update -: October 16th, 2012
Notice---------: This guide contains information that may change and thus become incorrect. Efforts will be made to keep this guide as up-to-date as possible over the coming days/months/years/decades/centuries/millenniums. 

Note: Save the pictures & Zoom In to see them clearly. Use Control & the plus (+)key to Zoom in your browser.

Level 0 Chart: 

Level 1-3 Chart: 

Level 4 Chart: 

Limited Edition Item Chart:

Release Notes: 

EDIT/UPDATE: 9-15-2012
Added information for Blackberries, Cucumbers, Spinach, and Sweet Potatoes. 
EDIT/UPDATE: 9-16-2012
Added a few pictures, prices, xp values, and fixed a typo.
EDIT/UPDATE: 9-17-2012
Added every recipe, every sell price, Pine Tree info, and cleaned up a few pictures.
EDIT/UPDATE: 9-18-2012
Added more pictures and XP values. 
EDIT/UPDATE: 9-20-2012
Finished the pictures on Lv0 Resources; added other pictures and XP values.
EDIT/UPDATE: 9-22-2012
Added pictures and XP values. 
EDIT/UPDATE: 9-30-2012
Finished all items from lv01 to lv30! 
EDIT/UPDATE: 10-2-2012
Finish everything released currently! 

EDIT/UPDATE: 10-3-2012
Added the special Halloween items! (Persimmon information XP/Time missing)
EDIT/UPDATE: 10-6-2012
Added all new Lv36-Lv40 items! 
EDIT/UPDATE: 10-9-2012
Added the new Egg crafting items & Wolfsbane! 
EDIT/UPDATE: 10-16-2012
Added 2 new Limited Trees and fixed all other data.
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