Britain Theme is Arriving

Farmville 2: We start by little Britain! Discover all the new objects of this theme! Finally some news it was time we started to get bored! We found in our files full of new objects – animals – trees – … on the subject of Britain without delay we will show you the full list of new objects that should happen within very little time!

Here is the exact phrase derived from our files to announce this new theme:
“The British are coming! In fact, they are already there. New content available for a limited time. “
Here is the complete list of all the objects and their description:

  • a scarecow Oliver Grist : Grist Oliver force working on the farm of her wicked stepmother, until he fled the village, where he finally found his calling with other farmers.
  • a fountain of Albion: The Britons of the age of stone monoliths erected to make astronomical observations and estimate the best time to sow their fields.
  • a cottage with a thatched roof : Ah, the charming English cottage and thatched roof … Once symbols of impoverishment and isolation of rural thatched roofs are now the proud representatives of an emerging class wealthy environmentalists.
  • a wall of glycine : Why wait for years to grow and flourish your hedgerow, then you can buy a prefabricated model?
  • table high tea : Tea accompanied by dishes of meat that once marked the end of the day laborers is now served in beautiful china on elegant placemats, and consumed with cookies and other delicate biscuits.
  •  bench glycine:  benches ordinary smell bad or at best feel nothing. Decorates your moments of reflection glycine smell like no other.
  • a garden shed flower : This hut scent of ambrosia is the ideal retreat for a moment you cut your problems, responsibilities and obligations.
  • an arch Ancient Roman : The Emperor Claudius has not only improved the living conditions and hygiene of the ancient Britons. He also introduced the Roman vault on their land.
  • tile and stone foam : These stone tiles and foam are so elegant that it is likely that farmers visiting renounce put their boots on.
  • a trellis covered with roses : Nothing makes a firma more welcoming trellis covered with colorful flowers. And so charming!

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