Inventory System Details

FarmVille 2 features an Inventory System that stores your animals, crops and other items with ease.

Inventory Basics:
To access your Inventory, click on the red shed icon at the bottom of the screen. It is located directly to the right of the Market button. 

Your Inventory holds Decorations, Crops, Crafted Goods, Animals, Buildings and Consumables. To help you find what you are looking for more easily, the Inventory Menu has an individual tab for each of the aforementioned categories.

Depending on where you obtain items they may end up in your Inventory for safe keeping. If they do, simply open up your Inventory and click on the respective Tab at the top of the Inventory Menu. 

Using the Inventory:
Decorations, Animals, Buildings and certain Consumables can be used from the Inventory by clicking on the “Place” or “Use” button. If you use a Consumable from the Inventory Menu, please be aware that there is no confirmation screen. When you attempt to place an Animal or Building, you can click the red “Cancel” button to return the item to your inventory without placing it on your farm.   

There is no overall limit to your Inventory's storage capacity; there is, however, a storage limit placed on particular items.

The number on the right is the total number of that item you can hold. The number on the left is the amount of that item you currently have in your inventory..

Additional Information:
·         When you purchase an item from the Market, they are automatically sent to your inventory.
·         When you collect items from your feed, they are automatically sent to your inventory.
·         When you collect items from your Neighbors (via ZSC), they are automatically sent to your inventory.
·         You can store an unlimited amount of Crafted Goods, Animals and Decorations.
·         Your HUD displays the amount of Feed, Fertilizer, and Water you have in your Inventory.
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