FARMVILLE: Farmville 2 is taking the social game scene by storm with its stunning 3D animations and gameplay. Some may be having issues running Farmville 2 on their machine, as it runs on a complex Flash interface. Not to worry! We want to show you some simple tips that will give you the ability to run this hot new game with ease!
1. Make sure you are running the most up-to-date Adobe Flash Player!
To run FarmVille 2, you MUST have Adobe Flash Player 11, or higher. To update, it is easy! Simply click on this link here! Once finished, restart your browser and open up your farm…
2. Consider using Firefox or Internet Explorer
We hate to burst your bubble Chrome users, but Farmville 2 runs best on Firefox or Internet Explorer. Chrome is notorious for being bugging when using flash powered programs such as Farmville 2. Mac Users: Zynga suggests using Safari when playing Farmville 2!
3. Close All Unnecessary Applications
As common sense, always close any unnecessary applications or programs to see game improvement. Flash uses a lot of memory when operating on most computers, so the fewer the programs, the more space for FarmVille to rock out on!
4. Upgrade your Systems Video Drivers
This may be the more difficult task to complete. Farmville 2 will run best if your video card drivers are all up-to-date! Head over to the website of the company that makes your video cards to check for updates. This will usually be either Nvidia or AMD.
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