Adobe Flash 11 Install Guide!

Hey Farmers!

FarmVille 2 uses the latest technology from Adobe Flash to give you a great game experience in your web browser! In order to play FarmVille 2, your computer needs to have Adobe Flash Player 11 (or higher) installed.

If you have upgraded Flash recently, you may already be set and ready to play FarmVille 2. This guide will help you find out what version of Flash you have installed, and help you install or upgrade it if you need to!

How do I know what version of Flash I have?

If you aren’t sure what version of Flash you have on your computer, it’s easy to find out! Just click the link below and you will be taken to the Adobe Flash Player website, and told what version you have:

This page will tell you many things about Flash on your computer. Two matter most in order to play FarmVille 2; Checking to see if Flash is installed on your computer, and learning what version you have installed.
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