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Discover the pretty Pink Aster! (Market LE Items)

Plant Pink Aster, check out Mini Namib Desert Horse, Lebbeck Trees and more!

Release Date: 14/11/2016


Campbell's Magnolia Wreath
Heirloom Campbell's Magnolia Wreath

Pink Aster Scented Candle
Heirloom Pink Aster Scented Candle

Pink Aster Fragrance Soap
Heirloom Pink Aster Fragrance Soap

Cottonfruit Juice
Heirloom Cottonfruit Juice

Sweetened Cottonfruit
Heirloom Sweetened Cottonfruit

Campbell's Magnolia Wall Pots
Heirloom Campbell's Magnolia Wall Pots


Baby Mini Persian Donkey
Adult Mini Persian Donkey
Prized Mini Persian Donkey

Baby Mini Greek Goat
Adult Mini Greek Goat
Prized Mini Greek Goat

Baby Mini Namib Desert Horse
Adult Mini Namib Desert Horse
Prized Mini Namib Desert Horse

Baby Mini Bayeux Pig
Adult Mini Bayeux Pig
Prized Mini Bayeux Pig


Lebbeck Tree
Heirloom Lebbeck Tree
Elder Lebbeck Tree
Lebbeck Tree Log
Heirloom Lebbeck Tree Log

Heirloom Cottonfruit
Elder Cottonfruit
Cottonfruit Fruit
Heirloom Cottonfruint Fruit

Campbell's Magnolia
Heirloom Campbell's Magnolia
Elder Campbell's Magnolia
Campbell's Magnolia Fruit
Heirloom Campbell's Magnolia Fruit


Pink Aster
Prized Pink Aster
Angelo Zambrano

Angelo Zambrano

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