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The Dogs, Complete Guide!

Are you anxious to get your new companion? For a limited time, purchase Early Unlock and get the feature right away! All players who purchase an Early Access pass will get a head start on the race, bonus Puppy Points, the Premium Doghouse, and will also receive the exclusive baby Cream Valaise Blacknosed Sheep
Note: General Access to the feature will be available in the coming weeks, so stayed tuned.

Unlock the Puppy Adoption:

Complete Tasks and earn Points:

Earn 150 Points and Win a Dog Bed:

Earn 500 Points and Win a Resource Pack:

Earn 850 Points and Win a Two Dog Jumps:

Earn 1000 Points and Adopt a Puppy:

Choose Your Puppy:

Feed Your Puppy:

Angelo Zambrano

Angelo Zambrano

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