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"Fallen Pine Tree 3rd Week" Quest Guide!

The 3rd Weekly Quests about the Otters is in FarmVille 2!
Help the Little Orphan Otter! Clear the fallen pine tree and get a baby giant otter! Win a Peaceful Pine Patio set! Complete bonus tasks to get baby bottles, sugar, and salt!

Fallen Pine Tree 2nd Week: 9-16
Quest Tasks:
  1. Perform 30 helpful actions on Neighbor farms
  2. Tend your Horse Stable 2 times
  3. Make 17 Two-Person Saws

Fallen Pine Tree 2nd Week: 10-16
Quest Tasks:
  1. Get 5 Rolls of Hi-Speed Film
  2. Harvest 30 Rice
  3. Make 17 Rice Puddings

Fallen Pine Tree 2nd Week: 11-16
Quest Tasks:
  1. Complete 1 Otter Charm Collection
  2. Make 17 Berry Custards
  3. Make 4 Sods

Fallen Pine Tree 2nd Week: 12-16
Quest Tasks:
  1. Tend Duck House 2 times
  2. Harvest 5 Heirloom Apple Trees
  3. Make 3 Spiced Apple Ciders

Pearcy Challenge: 3-4
Quest Tasks:
  1. Make 10 Leather Journals
  2. Raise 5 Baby Goats to an Adult
  3. Feed 30 Adult Goats

Angelo Zambrano

Angelo Zambrano

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