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Summer Celebration LE Items (Coming Soon)

Celebrate Summer with Horned Melons, Sapodilla Pie, California Incense Cedar Trees, Gold Campine Chickens, and more! Available for a Limited Time!

Start Date: 16/06/2014  End Date: 14/07/2014


Horned Melon


Baby Gold Campine Chicken
Gold Campine Chicken
Prized Gold Campine Chicken

Baby Black Kinder Goat
Black Kinder Goat
Prized Black Kinder Goat

Baby Chester White Pig
Chester White Pig
Prized Chester White Pig

Baby Sika Deer
Sika Deer
Prized Sika Deer


American Yellowwood Tree
Heirloom American Yellowwood Tree

Sapodilla Tree
Heirloom Sapodilla Tree
California Incense Cedar Tree

Heirloom California Incense Cedar Tree


Horn Melon Mousse
Horn Melon Yogurt
Horn Melon Milkshake
Horn Melon Lemonade
Heirloom Horn Melon Lemonade

Sapodilla Pie
Heirloom Sapodilla Pie
Sapodilla Ice Cream
Heirloom Sapodilla Ice Cream


Burlap Star Banner

Felt Star Garland

I Heart Red, White, Blue
Heirloom I Heart Red, White, Blue

No. 2 Pencil
Heirloom No. 2 Pencil

Red, White, and Blue Wreath
Heirloom Red, White, and Blue Wreath
Angelo Zambrano

Angelo Zambrano

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