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Help you Acquire the Polish Silver Laced Hen

You could write a book about the Hen House, the Polish Silver Laced Hen and the resulting revenues from recipes! Some lucky players have already got 2 or 3.

Only chickens that are not prized affect the Hen House and your chances of getting Super Rare eggs!!
Your chances of getting Super Rare Exotic eggs are increased by having more adult chickens!!
Using different varieties of chicken does not increase your chances.
The Hen House will not produce Super Rare Exotic Eggs on a daily basis.
You can get Super Rare Exotic Eggs from neighbors'Hen Houses or by neighbors tending yours. Sadly, they don't count towards Walter's mission goals!!
It is possible to obtain Free Super Rare Exotic eggs free by following the steps in this guide!!
Angelo Zambrano

Angelo Zambrano

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